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Should I contact a lawyer in connection with a car accident that occurred through my fault?

Your insurance company is required to provide a defense attorney if you are sued. If the injuries sustained by the other party may lead to a verdict or settlement agreement exceeding the limits of your insurance policy, it is recommended to ask a lawyer to represent you in respect of “excessive” liability, the size of the gap between the limit of your insurance policy and the amount of damage to the plaintiff's claims. 

In these circumstances, your interests and the interests of the insurance company do not always coincide. 

Perhaps your insurance company is trying to settle for less than the policy limit and exposes you to the risk of a verdict exceeding the policy limits, which puts your personal assets at risk. 

Conversely, your insurer may try to offer the plaintiff the entire policy in its entirety, which gives him the right to no longer pay the costs of protection, leaving you defenseless before the costs of protection and personal responsibility. 

Your own lawyer can also help you with inheritance registration to protect your property, and may explore the possibility of transferring other assets into trust to protect them from creditors. 

(Lenders can usually cancel such trusts, but there is some value in exploring this idea here.)

You can compare the cost of hiring your own lawyer with the value of the assets you are trying to protect. 

If you do not own real estate and do not have significant assets that a lender could seize in the event of an excessive judgment, it may not make sense to spend thousands to protect hundreds. 

Most defendants can avoid paying excessive judgments by filing for bankruptcy, keeping their homes and most or all of their assets. 

One exception is if the collision occurred due to drunk driving. Damage caused by drunk driving is not subject to compensation in bankruptcy.

How do you know you need a lawyer after a car accident?

If you don't have injuries, you don't need a lawyer. If you get injured, you can still successfully settle your lawsuit without a lawyer.

By hiring a lawyer, you won't necessarily get a higher compensation than you would yourself. Most people successfully deal with their claims.

As a traffic controller, I offered lawyers the same amounts as individuals. Perhaps the total payments were higher, but the lawyers always took into account their share and expenses when calculating.

The contingency fee is usually 33%, but it can vary from 25% to 50%. Unexpected expenses do not include attorneys' expenses to which they are entitled, either. Costs can be very high if experts are hired.

In most cases, there is no need to file a lawsuit.

If a lawsuit is filed, then only in rare cases do the cases actually reach the court. Insurance companies don't like to pay legal fees for protection. 

Defense costs may be higher than the cost of the claim. If they think they will lose the lawsuit, they will do their best to settle the lawsuit.

When personal injury lawsuits reach court, in about fifty percent of cases, the plaintiff loses. There are reasons why the insurance company should go to court:

  • liability or coverage disputed,
  • The demands were unreasonable,
  • The lawyer did not respond in any way to attempts to settle the case.

I can guarantee that if a lawyer is hired, it will take longer to settle the matter. If you want to settle the lawsuit quickly, handle it yourself.

  • There are cases when it is recommended or necessary to hire a lawyer:
  • The statute of limitations is approaching,
  • A potentially fatal outcome, a significant permanent disability or a very serious injury,
  • The insurance company blocks you and you can't make any progress trying to settle your claim.

Are Accident Lawyers Worth It?

Are Accident Lawyers Worth It? If this isn't a trick question, I don't know what is. I assume you are talking about a car "accident". They are actually collisions or crashes, but the public always refers to them as "accidents". 

To me, an accident is something that someone could not have done anything to help prevent. And in most cases, that is not the case. Most "accidents" are easily preventable. But I digress.

The short answer is: sometimes they are. If it weren't for litigants going after automakers for defects that contribute to the cause of a collision and win significant damages, then we the public would never see any change to make vehicles safer and better designed. 

Or we may never see changes made to major trucking companies, delivery operations, rail lines, etc. And if you think government agencies are the great protectors they seem to be, then you might want to reconsider.

If you have been involved in an “accident”, and were the subject of poor judgment by another driver or drivers (commercial or otherwise) and are paying significant hospital bills, you are unable to work, the bills are piling up, and so on. on, you really have to have a lawyer working for you to get compensation from insurance companies or other parties, to "restore your integrity". 

This is where the accident attorney comes in. They will review your case and if it looks like a win, they will accept it, usually with a contingency fee. 

This can vary, but is usually around 33 percent. Of course, they will put in several hours to make sure they will be successful. It is a risk, but calculated.

So let's say you choose to go with a lawyer. You sue for $100k and a $90k settlement is negotiated before going to trial. This means that the attorney will receive $30k and you will receive $60k. 

Sounds great, doesn't it? But wait a minute. What if your bills (ie hospital, physical, etc.) end up over $60k? What if the terms are that once you sign the agreement, that's all you get? What if you have health problems that arise in 5 or 10 years? Who is going to pay for that? You guessed it.

So, only you can determine if an accident attorney is worth your time…or not.