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What's the main role of an auto accident attorney?

If you have serious injuries, if you want to spend time, you can still file your own claim without a lawyer. 

The fact that lawyers deal with injuries is not rocket-made or brain surgery. Knowledge and experience help to perform the work of a lawyer better and more efficiently.

But this does not mean that consideration of your claim goes beyond your capabilities. When there was enough extra time, the "Do It Yourself" type person could probably have enough information to represent himself in the case against the guilty party.

You can train yourself by searching and studying the steps of this process a little. Most of the main tasks include phone calls, receiving relevant documents, tracking small details and adopting the behavior that the insurance company needs to know that it is not weak.

If you have extra hours a week to review your own claim, you may encounter a problem that represents your interest within a year or two. Some people get great satisfaction from taking on new tasks or projects.

If you are one of them, you probably don't need to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer. If you have been the cause of an accident, you probably do not need to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer. 

If you have caused an accident and are insured, your insurance company must provide you with an accident lawyer for your protection.

Lawyers who defend their claims for bodily injury usually have a close relationship with insurance companies. 

This protection is the advantage of your car insurance because your insurer can increase your rates.

If you have caused an accident and injured yourself, you will probably not be able to file a claim against anyone else. 

Negligence in causing harm to health can be a daunting task, so it is recommended that you consult a personal injury attorney if your injuries are significant.

Why should someone hire a car accident attorney?

I will tell you how it works, all the time, no matter who you are or their insurance policy is:

  • They beat you.
  • Call - your insurance. They point out in detail.
  • You go to the doctor.
  • Your insurance company is calling you back. They try to distract you from your mind to save you time and money. Everything you say is "vul, I do not know the doctor said_____", while they say: "I do not know what your "doctor", but I think you are all right!"They just accuse you of not having all the information you need about them ("this is not a TV, we just can not get your driving license, insurance and mobile phone number from the guy and magically watch him!")
  • Their insurance company is calling you. The same, but more aggressive. "Oh, okay, you can't hurt like that! We will only ask the guy to repair your car so that there was no residual damage and then everything will be fine!"
  • You go to the doctor again. He sees what you do every day and tells you what is fake insurance.
  • Your machine will repair. Repair is not perfect, but it is free.
  • Your insurance company will call you that the reverse insurance company will not cooperate, so they will close the case.
  • Their insurance calls and says they missed the deadline that you may not know so you are going to close the case and give you nothing.
  • Googling, they will find that the law lasted quoted was invented; they literally just invented it at the time of the call.
  • You call to complain. You are translated by "boss" to the boss of a boss who gives the same answer (because he succeeded by being the best excuse of Level I).
  • You call the State Insurance Council. They say: "oh, oh, well, we'll do it now!"
  • The third reception from the doctor. They start to curl up because you do not pay them yet. All tariffs on their invoices are inflated because they are in an insurance protection regime. The doctor pulls you aside and says,"if you pay money, don't worry, we have a completely different betting structure."
  • Your friend, who works in an insurance company, says: "of course, our case means" no"to everything until you get a lawyer." You say, " Why didn't you tell me before?"It tells you about PIP-when you buy an insurance, you buy your level of injury protection, and everything you ask below that number will be paid without questions, and everything you ask the police higher than that number will only giggle and giggle until you catch a lawyer.
  • Finally call a lawyer. He / she says to meet up at the regus office because it's actually an hour's drive from here. He will never call you.
  • A few weeks later you call this lawyer. He says:"Eh, yes, we are working on it."
  • Two months later, you call him. He says: "do not worry, we are working on it, continue to go to the doctor until you say something else.
  • Two months later, you call him. He says,"yes, he's still here."
  • Finally, he calls you and says: "Well, they offered 15 000 dollars. How does it sound?"You are not sure that it just happened, but you take 5000 dollars, you take 10 000 dollars and you're done.
  • You are trying to suppress the idea about" dude, 10 numbers"... I wonder if I can get intentional blows now..."