What Are the Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

trucking accident It is practically impossible to go by car anywhere without feeling the stress and tension caused by 18-wheeled car or big truck, which either pass by you, or crash on you, or get close to you in the rear view mirror when you stop.

There are about 2 750 000 tugs with trailers on the roads. They participate in nearly 500,000 road trucking accident every year. 

Based on the statistics of the National Traffic Safety Department, which shows that the number of accidents involving fatal trucks, 

including accidents involving pedestrians, increased by 13% last year, has steadily increased from year to year, there is a strong reason to be especially careful with trucks on the road.

In any accident in the presence of a truck, it is possible that there are many reasons for the accident. Studies comparing road traffic accidents with trucks have shown that there are several factors that often lead to fatal accidents with trucking accident.

the most common causes of truck accidents?

Here are six common causes of road trucking accident, of which you should remember, you are moving near trucks on the road.

1- Problems Eraser

The 18 — wheeled vehicle loaded with cargo can weigh up to 80 000 pounds-several times heavier than the average passenger car weighing about 2870 lbs. 

The braking distance for the car, which moves at a speed of 65 miles per hour, is approximately 350 feet. However, it will take about 600 feet to stop the tractor with trailers moving at the same speed. This is the length of two football pitches. 

In bad weather, this can be even longer. It is important to keep a safe distance between you and any tractor trailers behind

2- Blind zones

According to the Federal Department of security of car carriers, the truck on the road has four blind zones:

  • 20 meters ahead
  • 30 feet behind
  • 1 left lane
  • 2 lanes to the right

You should stay away from these places while traveling next to a truck. The fair proverb is that if you do not see a truck driver in his side mirror, he can not see you either.

3- The driver unfamiliar with the route

According to the investigation of the causes of road accidents with the participation of trucks, 22% of all accidents with the participation of commercial vehicles occur due to the fault of the driver who does not know the road on which he is traveling. 

When a truck driver is on an unfamiliar route, he can get lost and run easily. This increases the risk of fatal truck accidents.

4- Lack of time

The shipping industry works on a delivery schedule, like any other cargo delivery business. The cargo must arrive at the destination at the appointed time. 

Since the area of cargo transportation is regulated by strict restrictions on working time, drivers constantly feel a lack of time to deliver cargo on time. Therefore, drivers often exceed the speed to fill the Lost Ones. This increases the likelihood of a fatal accident.

5- Driver fatigue

Due to lack of time, truck drivers, admittedly, they spend more hours at the wheel than permitted by law per day, that is, 11 hours for each piece of driving "working hours" in accordance with federal regulations. 

When drivers are on the road for too long, they experience industry-known driver fatigue as a factor in multiple truck crashes.

6- Aggressive Driving

Exceeding the speed limit and driving or overtaking slower cars on the road are important factors that cause the collision of trucks. 

Since trucks are heavier than cars, they can not maneuver like cars and can not be stopped like passenger cars. 

Many trucking accident in the presence of trucks occur due to the combination of trucks with traffic or their movement from a strip of motion.

7- Tire wear or mechanical failure

Think of how often you see tire bands broken off the trunk. Tire wear is a serious problem for trucks and can result in excessive use, improper pressure or unbalanced adjustment. 

In addition, mechanical injuries, especially with interruptions, pose a significant risk. Approximately 27% of trucks have a problem with brakes. 

Inexperienced drivers using brakes on steep descents increase the likelihood of an accident, which increases the likelihood of fatal accidents.

8- Deterioration of drugs or alcohol

It has been established that many drivers of crashed trucks have been weakened by drugs or alcohol. This can be a particular problem for drivers who spend a lot of time adapting to their delivery schedule. Obviously weakened drivers significantly increase the likelihood of fatal accidents.

9- Disease

A small percentage of truck drivers experience any disease or episode, such as heart attack, while driving. 

Often this leads to collisions and fatal consequences. According to statistics, although drivers of passenger cars are more often faced with health consequences that lead to disability than drivers of lorries, 

this creates serious discomfort for drivers of trucks due to damage caused by trucks by getting into an trucking accident with passenger cars.

10- Abstract driving

Distribution drivers pose a threat to any driver. Drivers of trucks behave the same way as all drivers:

  • Mobile phone use
  • Conversation with passengers
  • Use radio
  • Eating
  • Reaching

Especially for truck drivers who are tired or traveling and lost on unfamiliar roads, distracting factors can lead to fatal trucking accident.

Poor training and maintenance

The Federal Department of safety of car carriers (FMCSA) requires special verification of the biographical data of truck drivers. 

However, there are more tractor trailers on the roads, and less experienced drivers can not drive them safely. 

This led to a recruitment war in the field of cargo transportation, in which the indicator of the turnover of drivers in large parking lots was 94%. 

Motor transport companies should balance the need to ensure safety on the roads with the need to hire experienced drivers quickly. 

However, often inexperienced drivers are hired without checking the necessary biographical data and with a minimum of preparation. This is the factor that increases the likelihood of fatal trucking accident.

Incorrect loading

When you combine the size and weight of tractor trailers with inexperienced drivers and the wrong load that can easily move from its location, you are faced with the common problem of inverted or broken tractor trailers encountered. 

Both events can lead to the death of drivers and especially passengers of other vehicles.

Accidents with trucks occur as a result of a combination of several factors

Experts on the reconstruction of road accidents conclude that any factor causing the accident is rarely present. 

Usually there is a combination of factors that lead to the fact that something goes wrong. In addition to the twelve common causes of truck accidents listed above, there are other factors that can increase the likelihood of an accident. For example:

  • Faulty design of the vehicle
  • Production defects
  • Road conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Traffic alarm

Unfortunately, there is no way to protect against all these factors when you're on the go. However, knowing the most common causes of truck accidents can encourage you to drive the truck more carefully next to the trucks on the road, 

especially when the truck is approaching from the rear and not following the safe braking path, changing the motion lane.

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