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How to choose a good auto lawyer for an accident: rules and tips

Russian legislation, including in the section of traffic rules, is quite voluminous and confusing. It is almost impossible to understand all aspects and nuances of the application of the letter of the law, which is why the rights of motorists are so often violated by law enforcement officers and various companies, for example, insurers.

Unfortunately, Russia has a tradition of turning to lawyers only in the most extreme cases, which is why many citizens lose not only money, but also faith in justice. This material will help readers to understand:

  • in which cases it is required to contact an auto lawyer immediately;
  • what is included in the competence of accident lawyers;
  • how to choose a good expert, and not an amateur fraudster;
  • how to save money on legal services.

How can an auto lawyer help a driver?

You can contact an auto lawyer when it comes to an illegal fine and deprivation of rights, or when an insurance company understates, delays payments or refuses them altogether. 

But the situation is much worse when an innocent motorist is held responsible for an accident – in such situations, the involvement of a lawyer is simply necessary.

Depending on the complexity of the situation, you can choose different legal services. When it comes to appealing a fine, you can get advice, including in an online format. 

If a dispute with the insurer is brewing, then you can order the preparation of a pre-trial claim, which will most likely put an end to the disagreements between the insurance company and the motorist.

Some lawyers may travel to the place of traffic violations or to the place of a traffic accident to resolve the conflict before drawing up protocols. 

If the incident has already moved to the stage of litigation, then you can purchase the service of legal representation, then the lawyer will be able to appear in court on behalf of his client. In general, there are a lot of situations in which an auto lawyer can save the client money, nerves and time.

Stages of the activity of an accident lawyer

When solving serious problems , the work of an auto lawyer can be divided into several stages:

  • Analysis of the situation.

The first action that an auto lawyer must perform even before receiving payment for his services is to request the necessary documents, analyze the situation, assess the client's ability to win the case and develop preliminary solutions to the problem. 

To do this, a lawyer may need diagrams and photos of the accident site, protocols and other documents obtained from the traffic police or insurance companies, court decisions if meetings have already been held, and so on.

  • Execution of a power of attorney.

In order to appear in court or file claims on behalf of his client, a lawyer must obtain a power of attorney for representation. 

After that, the motorist may not even appear at the meetings, and a specialist will do all the work for him (except in cases when the driver is a defendant in a criminal case).

  • Making a claim.

If we are talking about a dispute with an insurer or a second party in an accident, then a lawyer can write a pre-trial claim and settle the conflict at this stage. This option is most preferable for all parties: no one will have to participate in court proceedings, and the motorist will save money, since writing a claim will cost much cheaper than representation in court.

Drafting a claim and participating in court. If it was not possible to reach a compromise in the pre-trial procedure, then the lawyer will speak to the judge. He can either independently draw up and file a lawsuit, or act on the part of the defendant.

  • The end of the conflict.

Disagreements will cease either by a judge's decision, or at the stage of a pre-trial claim. After that, it is necessary to make the last part of the payment to the lawyer: either in the form of a commission from the amount of compensation, or a clear amount, depending on the agreement. If, even after a court decision, the insurer or the culprit of the accident does not make the required payment, then the auto lawyer can help arrange documents for applying for compulsory debt collection with the help of bailiffs.

How to choose an auto lawyer?

To choose a good lawyer and not run into scammers, you need to know a few rules:

  • Contact specialists who have similar cases in their portfolio.

It doesn't matter how many cases a lawyer won, as long as they weren't similar to the current one. Experience in the right field plays a key role. It is better to turn to an average highly specialized lawyer than to a general practitioner of the highest class.

  • Find out about the possibility of attracting additional experts.

If a lawyer has familiar specialists in other fields, for example, evaluators, then the probability of a successful outcome increases significantly. 

You need to find out about the availability of connections and the possibility of attracting third parties before paying for services and drawing up a contract.

  • To refuse lawyers who guarantee victory in court. 

No auto lawyer can predict the outcome of a case with 100% probability. Even during the simplest and most obvious trial, new facts and circumstances may emerge that completely change the course of the case. 

No self-respecting lawyer will risk his reputation by guaranteeing victory for the sake of attracting clients.

  • Study the lawyer's website. 

In 2022, the site is the "face" of any company, so you can evaluate the lawyer's attitude to work even before you get to know him. First, you need to pay attention to the design. 

The appearance of the site should be neat and pleasant, and the interface should be clear and simple. Secondly, you need to check the quality of the legal content. On many websites, lawyers publish author's articles on a particular topic. 

If they are written illiterate or simply do not carry any useful information, then you should not trust such a "specialist". 

Thirdly, you need to find a price list. The price of each case, of course, is negotiated individually, as it depends on many parameters, but the site should have at least an approximate price list for standard services.

Tips for saving on lawyer services

In conclusion, here are some more tips to save money when choosing a lawyer.

1. Agree on a phased payment.

The trial is an unpredictable business, so you should not pay for all the services of a lawyer at once. If the trial ends prematurely, then it will most likely not be possible to return the money. And if additional services are required that are not included in the original agreement, then no one will provide them for free. So it's better to pay for each stage of the process separately.

2. Contact lawyers through friends.

Many lawyers have some kind of referral programs. If you contact a specialist whose client was your friend or acquaintance, you can get a small discount.

3.If possible, choose online consultations.

Live communication is important to many, but online consultation will require less time and often costs much less.

4. Apply to beginners.

If the problem is quite simple and typical that even a novice lawyer, for example, a recent university graduate, can cope with it, then it is pointless to overpay a professional.